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Bowenwork® shows promise for faster and more complete healing from concussions

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Nowhere is the magic of Bowen more evident than in time-critical sporting applications. Eyes wide, an alarmed player dashes out of the game both hands clutching his sternum, or grimacing in pain gingerly carrying a wrist aloft, or limping and contorted, favoring an injury that is not immediately evident, or staring vacantly staggering and unsteady. He or she may only say, “can’t breathe” or “something popped” or “my fingers went numb” or “I saw stars.”

Some may think that they have a job or do something that will always irritate a condition. “Just another six years until I retire and then my back (or whatever) won’t hurt.” It’s really about setting up patterns that the body uses to heal. Example: Bowenwork® will reset the effects of mild traumatic brain injury (concussion), oftentimes within hours. It also sets the stage for recovery from the next injury with a new pattern of quick repair. Remember how quickly you bounced back from stuff when you were a kid?  This isn’t like teaching an old dog new tricks; it’s more like your body remembers. Imagine your body suddenly remembering the way it’s supposed to work.  That’s what Bowen does.

What are the odds of this actually working? About 80%. You in or not?

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Read Nathan White’s story below.  It’s just one example of a person making a full and lasting recovery, but it provides hope that Bowen Therapy could prove to be a revolutionary approach to dealing with concussions in the sports world.


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