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Bowenwork® for Pain:  A Winner, Hands Down

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A 17-year-old female had “spasms up and down (her) back every 30 seconds, which were painful and exhausting.”  After a visit to the ER and a spinal tap to check for meningitis, they gave her pain meds and muscle relaxers and sent her home.  Nothing changed.

The next day, during the firstBowenwork® move of our session, everything relaxed.  She felt “pops, as it seems that bones moved into place.”  After the session, she was “relaxed but sore the next day.”

The spasms did not come back.

What just happened?  Are the results repeatable?

Bowenwork® is an example of the best naturopathic medicine.  And yes, I see results like this time after time, as witnessed in my practice.

Bowenwork®acknowledges the vis medicatrix naturae, the Healing Power of Nature, using gentle rolling moves over muscles, tendons, and fascia to facilitate and augment this inherent self-healing process.  Sometimes called the “homeopathy of bodywork,” Bowenwork is unusual in that the moves are performed in specific locations on the body followed by pauses of several minutes between sets of moves to allow the body to integrate the effects of the work.  In addition to a reduction of pain, increased mobility and a general sense of well-being, it is common for patients to sleep more soundly and then have increased energy levels.